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It is easily extended from the usual 10 meters to 15 meters
Now with the Colour HydroEasy hose you will be able to reach the farthest places effortlessly since it stretches 2 times longer than any other normal hose.
Available accessories
Various accessories are available! Among them a high pressure nozzle with an exclusive system that allows you to control the water flow. Highly wear-resistant, very durable and perfect for cleaning or watering high, distant, hard-to-reach places, vehicles or floors, without the need to bend down.
Manufactured with exclusive materials
Made of latex and compressed 3300D polyester in expansion which gives this hose a lot of resistance and

About Colour Hydroeasy

The Colour Hydro Easy does everything, as it provides everything from a strong stream of water, to a light mist of water. Oh, and the head is also very durable.
  • The head is made of high quality metal and will never crack, rust or break at least in the short, medium and long term; this is now a thing of the past!
  • Seeing the hose expand or shorten with water pressure is impressive, you will not see anything like it on the market. It is simply a revolutionary product.
  • It is a very robust product, you can coil the hose, tangle it, anything you want to do with it that will continue to provide a constant flow of water, you will be amazed!
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Main advantages:

Revolutionary irrigation system
Colour Hydroeasy is a revolutionary anti-tangles and anti-knots irrigation system
Anti-tangles and anti-knots
Its elastic structure tube offers you the highest quality and durable materials along with great versatility and ease of use
Ease of use
It adapts to any type of valve and tap. 15-metre versions available
15-metre versions available
The lightest, most flexible and resistant on the market
It has a connector 4 times more durable than normal hoses.
This will ensure that the hose will never creak, crack or break in the short, medium or long term.
Adapted for every environment
It will work anywhere, from a freezing garage in Northern Europe to the highest temperatures in the desert.


How does the Colour Hydro Easy hose work?
It is a French-engineered product that has created the most durable, compact, and tangle-free hose. It can be used in different modes depending on your needs and is very easy to handle.
Is the Colour Hydro Easy hose safe and durable?
Yes, it is! The hose is made of the highest quality materials, has an innovative stretch design and boasts many options for use. It looks like the hose that all competitors will be compared to.
Can we say that it is a high quality hose?
Of course, it is so revolutionary that it is already very easy to see it in gardens, garages and many other places that need a high quality hose and have taken the opportunity to buy it very quickly.
Have the French succeeded in manufacturing it?
Yes, they have developed an excellent product to meet the demand, plus the retail price is so aggressive that people have gone crazy buying it.
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